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Expert interview

Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar is Senior Director and Head of IT at UCB. We talked with him about implementing governance, key elements to set up good contracts and his vision on communication across the whole value chain.

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Expert interview

Koen Van Dyck

Interview with Koen Van Dyck, Director of ICT Services

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Expert interview

John van Nuland

Interview with John van Nuland, sourcing expert

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Our area of expertise

Building stronger business relationships

Find out how we optimize your sourcing strategy. Our consultants develop strategies based on client needs. By leveraging expertise, clients achieve their goals,  improved business relationships and supply chain resilience

Reducing risks and improving efficiency

Our vendor and contract management consultancy delivers customized solutions to optimize processes and mitigate risk. Our consultants collaborate with clients to develop and implement tailored strategies that deliver measurable results.

Your SaaS solution to track & manage the contract lifecycle

Birdseye is a Contract Management Software, enabling you to gain control over your contract lifecycle and unlock the full potential of your business relationships

Trusted by companies around the world

Three Reasons to implement Birdseye in your Vendor Relationships & Contract Lifecycles

Birdseye is a SaaS solution based on manageable templates for different contracts or vendor relationship types. Birdseye manages recurring process activities (like performance, risk, governance, compliance management, etc) and one-off events (like escalations, exits, C-sats, transitions, benchmarks, etc)

Contract & vendor management consistency

Reduce risks, increase  efficiency and limit value leakage through Contract lifecycle

Produce “in control” reports for executive boards and (external) stakeholders

Ready to tackle your
Vendor and Contract Management?

Learn from our experts

Veerle Meert

Roles and responsibilities involded in vendor and contract management

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Dominique Kindt

Return on investment of vendor and contract management

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Koen Vercauteren

Build roles and responsibilities with stakeholders identification

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